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About Leg Day Legends

The story of Leg Day Legends begins in early 2017.  Journeying deep into the heart of the men’s clothing section of Walmart in search of epic gym tanks sure to inspire bigger & better lifts, I was horrified to find nothing but the same overused, cookie-cutter slogans that have been copied & reproduced with minor variations ad nauseum; namely: “Welcome to the Gun Show”, “Suns Out, Guns Out” & “T-rex hates/loves____” etc.  After browsing the offerings of other highly cultured, reputable & respected clothing merchants around town, I would come to the frustrating conclusion that if there was any head-turning workout apparel to be had I was going to have to design it myself.

To be honest, I didn’t expect much to come of these custom shirts but was happy to have a creative outlet. Early on I decided that I would just make what I thought was funny or cool, regardless of the results.  I showed a few friends my early designs as they were completed and got excellent feedback, so I kept brainstorming and creating.

Then one day I received a text from my old Air Force buddy, Ken.  He excitedly explained that something crazy happened at the gym the first time he wore one of my shirts!  Apparently, a fellow lifter informed Ken that he really wanted his shirt.  Ken gave him the website to which the man replied, “No, I want THAT shirt!” The man proceeded to purchase the sweaty tee off my friend's back, (“…for $10 more than I bought it for”, Ken added).  It wasn’t much social proof, but it convinced me to push forward with my little passion-project.

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